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12 Important Things You Need To Do Before EDC Las Vegas

We can’t believe it – but EDC Las Vegas is right around the corner. With most tickets already in the hands of anxious ravers, it’s time to get down to the final stages of planning your amazing time under the electric sky. Just like the ‘12 Days of Christmas,’ we’re going to give you the ’12 Days of EDCLV,’ which provides you with one important (and sometimes fun) task to check off your list before you depart for what is sure to be a magical and life-altering experience.

Day 12: Register your Wristband

By Day 12, most all of us should have received the coveted wristband. But before you leave the comfort of your home, where you most likely have a computer or laptop, make sure to register your wristband. There are precise details on how to do this in your booklet, and without a registered wristband, you will not be allowed entry into the Speedway. Don’t risk forgetting or failing to find Internet in Las Vegas – make sure you take care of this well before departure.

Day 11: Secure a Shuttle Pass/Finalize Transportation Plans

Getting to the Speedway can be a massive headache, whether you choose to rent a car, find a taxi, or secure a spot on a shuttle bus. We recommend you lock in a shuttle spot before they sell out, especially if there’s one conveniently near your hotel. This way, you won’t have to stress out about finding a taxi or parking when you get to EDC.

Day 10: Order Any Last-Minute Outfit Components or Accessories

Many rave sites, such as iHeartRaves, run promotions leading up to EDC. This is the perfect time to get the last minute staple pieces for your outfit. iHeartRaves runs a different promotion every day, so keep an eye out for your favorite items at a discount. Just make sure you leave enough time to guarantee delivery before your flight leaves later on the week.

Day 9: Pick Up the Essentials

You don’t want to wait until last minute to make sure you have staple items that you’ll need both for travel and the festival itself. Pick up items like tanning lotion/sunscreen, chapstick, gum, cheap sunglasses, magazines, portable chargers, baby wipes, travel sized shampoos/conditioners/lotions, and more. You’ll want to be fully prepared when you land and not waste time trying to find the small items you wish you had packed in advance. You’ll probably want to make a packing list before running any errands, so you make sure you hit everything and don’t forget big items like your ticket, outfits, chargers, etc.

Day 8: Get Your Body Ready

We’re just over a week out, and it’s crunch time. While you can’t make any major lifestyle changes in 8 days, you can definitely prepare your body for what’s to come. Hit the gym if you want to look a little more toned in your rave outfits. Get enough sleep every night, so you’re well rested and don’t wind up leaving before your favorite headliner. Eat healthy, because we all know that goes out the window once you step foot in Las Vegas, and drink water whenever you have the chance. Take Vitamins and get some sun by laying out on the beach or by a pool. And while there might be some party professionals out there who can go out every night over the next 8 days and still make it through EDC, I would recommend staying in, both to rest up and save money. Trust me, you’re going to have the time of your life in Las Vegas, and you’ll want to make the most of your experience.

Day 7: Confirm Your Hotel Reservation

No one wants to be stuck without a place to stay. And you never know what may have happened during booking, especially if you’re traveling in a group. So make it a point to call your hotel a week before and settle any remaining details. You can finish up paying, try to reserve rooms next to each other, or ask the concierge about dining/entertainment options either in your hotel or nearby. While it’s fun to be spontaneous and not plan out every detail of your trip, you’ll definitely want to have your hotel locked and loaded prior to arrival.

Day 6: Watch ‘Under the Electric Sky’

If you haven’t already done so, or if you want to get excited beyond words, check out the official documentary of EDC Las Vegas, “Under the Electric Sky.” You can rent it on iTunes, and it gives you a great inside look as to what you’re about to experience. Spend one night the week before EDC staying in with your rave squad talking about all of the exciting things in store. This is also a great movie to help pass the time on the plane. What could be more appropriate to watch as you descend into Las Vegas?

Day 5: Clear Space on Your Phone

Everyone seems to be running into the problem these days – the problem of having no storage space left on your phone for pictures and videos. Before you leave for Las Vegas, load pictures and videos onto your computer and delete them off of your phone. Delete any apps that you won’t need to use during your trip, because you can always re-download them once EDC is over. If you think you might be available for an upgrade, don’t hesitate to head to your local Verizon or AT&T store to make that happen. I upgraded from a 16G to 64G for an extra 6 dollars/month for the sole purpose of being able to hold rave pictures and videos. Finally, while at your local cell phone shop, check out how much it would be to purchase some extra data for the trip. You don’t want to get home, check your bill, and realize you’re getting charged an extra arm and a leg for overage on data. It never hurts to check it out, and you might be extremely glad you did.

Day 4: Review the List of Acceptable/Prohibited Items

In your EDCLV experience pass, you probably flipped through a booklet of information. Make sure you not only reread it, cover to cover, but you focus on the list of acceptable and prohibited items. You don’t want to get stuck bringing something to the gates, only to realize that it’s not allowed and has to go in the garbage. EDCLV’s lists are pretty standard, but it’s definitely worth a couple of reads just to be sure you’re following the rules.

Day 3: Print All Necessary Information & Create a Master Folder

As a seasoned traveler, I know how important it is to stay organized and be on top of things. Traveling in a group is especially challenging, so it helps to have one person in your group who is over-prepared. Print out your hotel confirmation number, your flight details, your EDCLV ticket order confirmation (just in case), copies of your ID/Passports, any shuttle confirmation numbers/orders, tickets to pool parties/nightclubs, and emergency contact numbers. Not to sound like a mom here, but you never know what’s going to happen, and you don’t want a small issue to turn into a big one that ruins your weekend.

Day 2: Check In For your Flight

Some of you may have already departed at this point, but if you haven’t, and you are flying, make sure you check in for your flight before you get to the airport. It will make the process much smoother and less stressful. In addition, if you play on checking a bag, make sure you pay ahead of time rather than having to wait in a long line. Most major airlines have apps that allow you to check in hassle-free and even load an e-ticket instead of having to go to the counter to get a paper one.

Day 1: Enjoy a Pool Party or Nightclub

By now, just about everyone heading to EDC should be in Vegas. Take the day before to relax and explore! You can catch a top DJ at any of the pool parties on the strip, or relax during the day and head out at night. But above all else – REST UP. The weekend is going to take a toll on you, and if you’re out until 4 am the night before, chances are your body won’t be thanking you come 5:30 am the next morning.

And beyond everything – focus on having FUN! Have a positive attitude, project good vibes, and make the most of your vacation. Escape from the real world, leave your problems at home, and savor every moment within the speedway and beyond. And finally – we’re one giant family. If you have any other suggestions or tips, please post them in the comment section. You never know how much your advice might come in handy for a fellow raver!

Written by
Cecelie Pikus

Cecelie became hooked on EDM back in 2012. Hailing from Northern New Jersey, Cecelie currently resides in upstate New York and serves as the in-game host and promotional coordinator for a professional hockey team. Graduating from Hamilton College in May of 2013 with a major in Creative Writing, she enjoys traveling the world, photography, spending time at the beach, watching the Yankees, Giants and Devils, and, of course, going to shows and festivals across the east coast. She likes all kinds of genres of music ranging from big room to hard style, but deep down loves trap and closely follows artists such as Yellow Claw, GTA, Diplo, Carnage, and DJ Snake.

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