3 Reasons Why Ushuaïa Ibiza Needs Be On Your Bucket List

There’s not many places in the world where you can party all day and all day night, surrounded by beautiful beaches and gorgeous people, all while enjoying the sounds of dance music’s biggest names. Of course, if you’re a dedicated party animal, one place comes to mind when you combine all of these things:


Ever since the 90s, this notorious Island off the coast of Spain has been the mecca for dance music fans to gather for some of the biggest, most outrageous dance parties on the planet. With some of the best night clubs in the world, Ibiza has truly become a must-visit for anyone looking to test their party endurance.

Since Ibiza is the undisputed party capital of the world, there are plenty of places to party your ass off while you’re there. However, it’s often hard to check out every single venue. With so much going on during the party season, and to make your trip even easier, we need to let you know about one place you absolutely must visit: Ushuaïa Ibiza.

While Ushuaïa is a considered a day club (with closing hours at 12am), there are plenty of reasons why you absolutely need to go. Here are just a few of those reasons:

 1. The Venue/Location

Located poolside of the Ushuaïa hotel, Ushuaïa Ibiza is home to one of the most exhilarating day parties on the planet and is completely open-air. Forget about getting downright sweaty and gross (as some Ibiza clubs may leave you), Ushuaïa is completely uncovered and allows you to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and blissful Ibiza summer evenings all while staying relatively cool. Whether you’re dancing your ass off, or simply there to enjoy a few (Ibiza priced!) drinks and listen to some good music, you can expect to enjoy the presence of some of the world’s biggest DJs without having to break too much of a sweat. Larger-than-life C02 cannons shoot across the main dance floor keep you cool, and there’s tons of gorgeous and friendly bartenders at multiple bars to quench your thirst.

The stage itself is simply amazing and is something you would see at any major festival. The set-up on stage changes for every headliner show (expect to see artists like Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Kygo and many more), and puts on a spectacular light show at night. You can expect to see some of your favorite DJs with the stunning Ibiza sunset as your backdrop, and if you look up at the right time, you’ll even see planes up close and landing at the nearby airport. It truly is a sight to see in person.

Ushuaïa Ibiza is just a 10 minute drive from Ibiza town, and is located directly across Space Ibiza. It’s also great because you can walk to most places from Ushuaïa and even grab a bite to eat at one of the many nearby restaurants. The location gives you the perfect pre-game spot and also allows you to walk off some of those drinks.

2. The Crowd

During our visit this past July, we attended two shows: Axwell ^ Ingrosso and Kygo. These two artists know how to put on a show and they did not disappoint. They all brought festival-level sets and tons of energy that you can only witness in Ibiza. What made the experience more exciting was the intensity and spirt of the crowd. Everywhere we went in the venue, people were smiling and having an amazing time. I mean, how you could you not — you are in Ibiza after all! With tons of VIP options available for those looking to splurge a bit more than the average Ushuaïa visitor, there were tons of people there in the standing room just enjoying the atmosphere. Looking around the crowd we could see there were people from all over the world. We didn’t have any negative experiences and even made some new friends!

Perhaps because Ushuaïa starts earlier on in the evening, or maybe because the ticket prices aren’t super outrageous (which can happen in Ibiza), the crowd was energetic and there was tons of room to dance. Both shows we checked out were super packed, but if we ever needed an escape from the crowd we just headed to the back and enjoyed the spectacular view.

3. The Artists/Curated Parties

While you can expect to see tons of the world’s biggest DJs while visiting Ushuaïa, what separates it really is the artist residencies. You can expect to see all the big names, everyone from Martin Garrix to Kygo, but also have a chance to check out the more underground artists. Ushuaïa is the home to the homemade, underground party: ANTS. If you’re into the underground scene, you can expect some of most renowned house and techno artists at this party. The DJ booth starts at the opposite end of the venue and makes its way to front by the end of the night. Expect some of the most chill vibes in Ibiza at this party and get your dose of some of the best in house and techno. Ushuaïa is the home base, so it makes everything we loved about this place even more awesome.

Ushuaïa is hands down of the best places to party while you’re in Ibiza. If you’re heading out there for the first time, or are a returning veteran, every trip needs a trip (or two, or  three) to Ushuaïa. You’ll thank us later.

For more information about Ushuaïa, visit https://www.ushuaiaibiza.com.

Written by
Devin Lezama

Hi, I'm Devin! I'm from New York City but now spend my time in sunny Los Angeles attending shows and festivals. I'm also the founder of EDM Maniac.

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