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5 Artists You May Not Know, But Should At Day Trip 2024

The inaugural Day Trip Festival in Southern California kicked off on July 3 and 4, 2021 at the NOS Events Center, marking a significant comeback for Insomniac post-COVID-19. Since its delayed debut amid the pandemic, the festival has grown alongside the renewed global passion for house music and its expanding community.

Now held at Long Beach’s Queen Mary, Day Trip features its two original stages, complemented by recent additions such as the 2022-introduced Shoreline Stage and an art car introduced this year. These expansions underscore the festival’s commitment to showcasing emerging talents who are shaping the underground house music scene today.

Discover five artists you may not know, but should, set to perform at Day Trip 2024.

1. Novacane

Novacane started out as a bedroom producer dabbling in various music genres. He began DJing with an SB3 controller via Twitch livestreams during COVID-19 which garnered attention and led to his first booking.

Eventually evolving to CDJs, he dove into underground shows, fully immersing himself in the scene and networking. He went on to establish Electric Jungle, a community known for hosting its own underground events and shows in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles.

Influenced by artists like Green Velvet and Eli Brown, Novacane aims to create music that evokes the “stank face,” delivering an energetic vibe that ignites the dancefloor with confidence. At Day Trip, anticipate a mix of his original productions, unreleased tracks from himself and peers, as well as underground finds, popular favorites, dynamic edits, and vocals.

He told EDM Maniac that he appreciates the fusion of hip hop, reggaeton, and the growing Latin house trend within the scene. “I’m really excited for the future of house music,” he said. This will be Novacane’s second Day Trip appearance.

2. Seek-One

Seek-One transitioned from a high school rock band to electronic music after attending EDC in 2009. In 2011, he left his job to pursue music, eventually earning a degree in audio engineering.

Starting with house parties and open mic nights, he later founded Space Taco in 2015, hosting events in Pomona and now Los Angeles, and creating opportunities for more local artists to gain exposure.

His DJ sets are diverse, blending tech house, techno, and disco house, among many other genres, while his productions are bass-heavy tech house, taking inspiration from the likes of Dirty Bird Records and Black Book Records.

At his Day Trip debut, expect a high-energy set with unreleased music, including some from an EP he plans to release on July 2 through his own label, Spoon Fed Records, coinciding with the grand opening of Space Taco LA.

Seek-One is enthusiastic about the growing acceptance of house music. “The more the merrier,” he says about the expanding house music scene, adding, “It’s all love.”

3. Techno Tupac

Always passionate about music, Techno Tupac started in the EDM scene as a dancer and performed at his first festival with Coachella‘s Do Lab stage. He has worked at Coachella every year since, and said attending Lightning In A Bottle—a festival also run by Do Lab—changed his life.

Now forever integrated into the community, his journey took a pivotal turn in winter 2019 when his friend Freak On insisted he make a song. They created “Heater,” marking his foray into music production.

His DJ debut was in March 2020 at a house in Bel Air, which was shut down by the cops 15 minutes into his set. Just days later, the COVID-19 lockdown hit California, and he took advantage of that time to hone his skills.

This year, he performed at Beyond Wonderland, Coachella, and Lightning in a Bottle, with upcoming sets at Electric Forest and Day Trip. Making his Day Trip festival debut he thanked Adam Auburn, the founder of Day Trip, for including him in the lineup.

For his set, he plans to mix everything between Kaskade and Loco Dice, aiming to keep the energy high and the bass kicking. He encourages supporting local artists and finding new music, saying, “Keep on lookin’ for gems.” He sees growth in the culture as positive but emphasizes, “Stay underground, ya’ll.”

4. Orly 17

Driven by a passion sprouted in his childhood, Orly 17 threw his first party at just 12 years old and has since thrived in the music scene, now at 48.

Growing up in LA with five older brothers who loved to party, he learned the ropes on turntables gifted to him by his brother, spinning disco records that left a lasting impression on him. His interest in electronic music surged in the 90s with the explosion of house and techno, fueled by a house music mixtape given to him by a friend.

Influenced by icons like Frankie Knuckles, Doc Martin, and DJ Irene, he refined his craft by peeking at underground performances while working production, then later going home to practice.

Returning for his second stint at Day Trip, Orly 17 told EDM Maniac that he plans to deliver an electrifying set after Adam Auburn, showcasing his high-energy, relatable sound.

Also the organizer of his own event Electro Fest, he remains dedicated to house music, preserving its roots amidst the rising techno trend. He believes house music nurtures community and attracts a positive crowd, steadfast in his commitment to keeping dance music’s uplifting essence alive.

5. Sebastian Sol

Sebastian Sol’s passion for music began as a child, sorting through his parents’ vast 80s collection.

At 21, he attended Escape From Wonderland in 2014 and discovered house music, a liberating experience that helped him become more expressive. Inspired, he bought a DJ system and started his decade-long journey in music.

Now 31, Sebastian Sol makes his Day Trip debut with a set of groovy, feel-good Chicago house music in store. He believes the current house scene is thriving, saying, “There are so many collectives in SoCal pumping out show after show. It’s amazing to see, and I’m excited for all the fresh talent and artists arriving in the scene.”

Featured image provided by Dutches Richards.

Written by
Bianca Macias

Bianca is dedicated to respecting underground culture and music, particularly in her deep dive into the realms of house and techno. Introduced to this genre by her parents at a young age, she further immersed herself in the scene after college while refining her writing skills through contributions to the college newspaper. Bianca's passion lies in highlighting the significance of electronic music, aiming to foster a deeper appreciation for it.

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