5 Best Things About Lightning In A Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle is only a few weeks away, and there are many reasons to be excited about this festival. With so much to see and do at the festival, there are always adventures to be had. From dancing around the stages or learning at a workshop, there are plenty of things to do at Lightning in a Bottle.

Below are the 5 best things about Lightning in a Bottle.

Howling At Sunset

Ah yes, howling at sunset. An absolute must for any first-timer or veteran at Lightning in a Bottle. I went to Lightning in a Bottle last year for the first time and this is one of the most memorable experiences I had. Every evening when the sun started to set, people gathered together and howled at the sunset in unison. During that weekend, my friends and I went over to the Meditation Mountain to get the best view of the sun setting. I think that is the popular spot to be when the sun starts to set, since many people took over the spot and filled up the whole mountain (especially on the last day). Many of us gathered each evening that weekend to chill and watch the beautiful sunset. Howling harmoniously was such a cool experience and one that you need to experience in order to fully comprehend how wonderful howling at the sunset is.

The Art

Lightning in a Bottle has one of the most unique and beautiful art that I’ve seen at any festival.  There is also tons of it throughout the whole festival grounds. Not only do you just walk around and view it, but Lightning in a Bottle holds interactive areas that host a variety of art classes and workshops. You also see people creating art all weekend. I recall walking over to the Woogie stage and seeing a man creating a beautiful mural. By the end of the weekend, the mural was completed and left for all to see.

The Location

I love the location of the festival, it feels as if you have entered another world. The drive out to the San Antonio Lake Recreation Area is awesome because the more closer you get, the further you are from civilization. It is situated on a picturesque place far from the city life. The best part of the place that I enjoyed last year was the lake. I know in previous years there wasn’t enough rain in California to produce enough water for there to be a lake. When I went last year it was the first time they had the lake open in a long time and I honestly couldn’t imagine Lightning in a Bottle without the lake! Being able to walk from the campsite to the lake to cool down was great. Everyone was having a blast in the lake blasting music, dancing, and riding their inflatables across the lake.

The Sense Of Community

Lightning in a Bottle is a big festival but the sense of community does not lack. Whether you are mingling with the food vendors or hanging out at the camp sites, people are so friendly and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. While the music is part of the festivities, the free-spirited vibe of the festival is what really makes this event shine. Lightning in a Bottle is a culmination of creativity, free-expression, individuality, and art all combined into one.  From morning yoga classes at sunrise to thought-provoking discussions led by some of the world’s most knowledgeable human beings, the festival offers more than just music.

You Can Be Yourself

Last but not least is that you can be yourself! I love being able to walk around without any fear or judgement from others. Wear whatever you want or don’t wear anything at all! At Lightning in a Bottle don’t be surprised if you see someone in their birthday suit or topless, just like Burning Man the attendees express themselves this way and you can do so here because it’s such a care-free environment.

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