5 Must-See Artists at EDC Orlando 2018

Although EDC Orlando is a couple months away, it’ll be here before you know it. Florida is known for being one of the party capitals of the US and of course, EDC helps create that title. EDC Orlando will take place November 9-10 on Tinker Field and will bring in old and new artists from all over the world. Below are 5 artists that can’t be missed at this years event!

  1. 4B b2b GTA
    • A rule of thumb for all festivals is that any b2b is worth seeing and taking a peak at. This allows the DJ’s to collaborate and create a new sound that listeners aren’t used to hearing from these two artists. Although 4B can be most recognized for his jersey-club aesthetic, his EDC Las Vegas set demonstrated that he’s capable of getting more heavy with it. That sound mixed with GTA’s iconic Trap vibe will put out an unforgettable mix. Check out their latest songs below.
  2. Tiesto
    • Although Tiesto is an icon in the industry and you can find him at a lot of events, I think he really encompasses the perfect balance between a rave and a light-hearted festival. Aside from this, it’s said that his performance has  the “sunset slot” so there’s no way you can miss this. Does it get any better than seeing Tiesto in Orlando, Florida with a sunset backdrop? I think not. Check out his Tomorrowland 2018 mix from just a couple weeks ago.
  3. Dillon Francis & Friends
  4. Don Diablo
    1. This is an artist that I have really gained interest in lately. Although he’s been around long before I started raving, I think he’s made a really graceful comeback and it’s worth being noted! He brings a vibe that’s perfect for a festival as I would consider him to be a marvelous representation of Future Bass. As for his Soundcloud music, he’s described his music as #FutureHouse and I think that exemplifies him well too. His EDC Las Vegas mix had the crowd going wild as it seemed like it was many attendees first time seeing him perform.
  5. Pendulum ( DJ Set)
    1. Last but not least is legendary Pendulum. I think bringing in any Drum & Bass is a great switch-up and such a refreshing sound for this type of environment. Founded in 2002, they had their fame in the early 2000’s and have just recently brought themselves back into the limelight. Unfortunately, Rob Swire won’t be there to perform so it’s extra important to bring your support to see this stunning DJ performance. It could be once in a lifetime. If you haven’t heard their sound in a while, check out their latest album release “The Reworks”.

There are so many fabulous artists that are set to perform, so if you haven’t bought your tickets and would like some information, click here!

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