5 Reasons Why Kaskade Has The Best Fans

Artists always proclaim how they have the best fans in the world. You always hear their heartfelt thank you’s after shows and interviews on how much their fans mean to them and that they are the best.

I may be a little biased being a Kaskade fan myself (peep at the end of the article for my picture with the man himself) but I truly believe he has the best fans.

If you follow Kaskade on his social media accounts, you might have noticed he’s been shining some light on Kaskade Konnect lately, a community of Kaskade music lovers created by the late Colleen Burns. Her mission for creating this community was for there to be a place where fans from all over the world can engage through conversations about Kaskade and meet up at shows. I have been a part of this community for almost 2 years and I can say there is no other fan group like it. We were all strangers at one point who turned family that share a love for Kaskade.

1. Kaskade Isn’t Playing Nearby? No Problem!

It’s always disappointing when your favorite DJ announces a tour or is going to play at a festival that isn’t near your city, however this doesn’t stop Kaskade fans. Last minute Vegas turnarounds, road trips, booking flights, we’ve been there. Living in Southern California has made it easy for myself and others to make the four hour drive to Vegas and catch him at the nightclubs during his residency almost year round. If he doesn’t play near us, we go to him! Lucky for us he plays down here next weekend at Sun Soaked in the LBC.

2. High Excitement Levels

Kaskade fans always exude high levels of excitement and energy at his shows. Singing songs like “Eyes”, “Atmosphere”, “Last Chance”, and many more at the top of our lungs is what we do best. Jumping up and down, holding each other, singing to each other, and even some crying never fails to occur at his shows. These are my favorite moments during his sets, where we all bond and “Let The Music Speak”.

3. Konnect IRL

The Kaskade Konnect team works together to coordinate meet ups before shows so you can get together with other fans and make new friends. Prior to knowing this community, I didn’t know anyone I could attend shows with but now I’m never alone no matter where Kaskade plays.  This group wants everyone to feel welcome, so konnect with us at meetups and on the dance floor!

4. Engagement

Social media has played a huge role in how we all have konnected with each other and Kaskade. Twitter is the best way to keep up with the latest information since he is most active there. A handful of us even have set notifications on for whenever he tweets so we can be the first to know of any news! Not only do we engage with him but we also engage with each other almost on a daily basis. These interactions continue to happen even if they go unacknowledged by Kaskade but we all know he reads most of our responses and sometimes he’ll even reply.

5. Support Him No Matter What

Kaskade has been around for a while now and over time he has consistently evolved his sound which some people like and others don’t. As fans we always give him a chance by listening to his latest single, remix, or mashup. Everyone has different tastes and opinions but we always continue to support him no matter what.

Photo Credit: Mark Owens Photo

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