5 Things You Just Shouldn’t Do On Snapchat

Snapchat revolutionized the picture messaging game and made it almost essential for a Smartphone user. Just like with all great commodities, there comes certain things you should stay away from. Here are 5 things you really should not do on Snapchat:

1) Make Your Story 500 Seconds Long


We get it. We really do. Maybe you went to a festival or took a 7 mile hike. No matter what the case may be, do you really think 350 seconds of the same artist or hiking trail is really that interesting? More like monotonous! Don’t forget to put your phone down and enjoy.

2) Screenshot Every Picture People Send You


People use Snapchat because it is fun and the pictures are all a one-time deal. Snapchats are meant to have a short life span much like the Gangnam Style buzz or Britney Spears’ crazy fad. Don’t be the person on the other end who can’t keep their fingers off of the home and power button. Don’t do it.

3) Send Snapchats While Driving


Thanks for letting everyone know that you’re driving at 69.5mph on a freeway in what looks like a deserted area. But seriously, keep your hands on the wheel and drive safe. We all love listening to Kiis FM too. *Coughs*

 4) Create A Food Journal


Snapchat was designed to be fun and exciting, not an extension of The Food Network. From your breakfast to lunch, maybe even your Starbucks in between, let’s keep the white girl wasted for the Pinterest boards. Unless it’s Chipotle of course, everyone loves a baerrito.

5) Lip Sync Like You’re Taylor Swift


Okay, maybe not Taylor Swift, but whoever your artist of choice is, the excessive Lip Syncing is overboard. Maybe one videos snaps of you “singing” your little heart out can be funny, but after about 20 seconds of you pretending to do so, rest assured the screen tapping will begin. For those of you who are not aware, tapping the screen while watching somebody’s story will skip the current video/picture. You’re welcome.

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