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5 Tracks to Get You Excited for Dirtybird Campout 2017

There’s only one week left until Dirtybird Campout, and campers everywhere are gearing up to head back to their favorite summer camp. As everyone gets ready for 3 days of endless dancing, laughter, and love, some campers might be needing a soundtrack to amp them up for the wild weekend ahead. Well look no further, here are 5 tracks to get you in the mood for Dirtybird Campout 2017.

5. Stomp – Cut Snake

Tech house duo Cut Snake has been crushing it from fest to fest this year, appearing on just about every lineup you can think of…and then some. Their track “Stomp” is a signature sound of theirs, and makes you want to do exactly what the name entails….stomp around to those techy beats. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing during their set at campout, 5:45-7pm on Saturday, at the Birdhouse.

4. K-9 Unit ft. Gary Paintin – Bleep Bloop

Searching for something ~heavier~ to quench your bass thirst? Bleep Bloop has you covered, and for a small taste, give his new track with Gary Paintin a listen….it’ll do more than put some pep in your step. Bleep Bloop’s heavy, grimy bass lines and good old-fashioned dubstep filth will revive you 10-11pm on Sunday night, at the Bass Lodge.

3. Ol’ Dirty Hearts – Sacha Robotti & Mikey Lion

Never has there been a match made in heaven as pure as Dirty Hearts. Desert Hearts and Dirtybird have both had a huge year, popping more into the mainstream than ever before, introducing fresh, new faces to a different part of the scene. This track is the perfect embodiment of that intersection, a tech house slammer that reminds you just how good the Dirty Hearts combination is. Be sure to get your fill of Desert Hearts head honcho Mikey Lion going b2b with his brother Porkchop from 5-7pm on Friday at the Bass Lodge, and don’t miss Dirtybird player Sacha Robotti 5-6pm on Sunday at the Birdhouse.

2. The Wickedest Sound – Riva Starr

Riva Starr has come out with plenty of hot tracks over the years, helping elevate Dirtybird to where it is now. But this track takes the cake as one of the wickedest tracks to come out this year. I’ve heard it played in multiple sets in multiple different venues – and each time I hear it, I like it more than I did before. A bouncy house beat keeps you bobbing throughout the entire track, and is just a small taste of the repertoire this man will be bringing to his Campout set. Don’t miss Riva Starr go b2b with Jesse Rose 7-8:30pm on Sunday at the Birdhouse.

1. Take Me to Your Leader ft. Dances with White Girls – Walker & Royce

Ever since the first time I heard this track, I knew it was bound to be the anthem of Dirtybird Campout 2017. After Walker & Royce’s unforgettable set last year where they teased “In the Butt” throughout their whole set until finally dropping it and watching everyone go crazy, I was wondering how they’d follow up this year. Well, the answer is clear, and I couldn’t be more excited about it – especially since Dances With White Girls will be joining them to sing live.

This is only the tip of a very large iceberg. There is still so much music to be heard and discovered – don’t stop at this list. Check out the full lineup here and do some digging yourself. You never know what you’ll find.

Dirtybird Campout 2017 takes place Oct. 6 – 8, 2017 at Lake San Antonio Campgrounds. Tickets are still available here.

Written by
Alec Wali

25-year-old music enthusiast. I'm a lover of all genres and scenes, but house and techno are my specialties. Connect with me and let's dance.

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