6 EDC Alternatives Coming Up This Summer

EDC Week has begun. Duke Dumont kicked off the celebration at XS on Monday night, and it will continue throughout Las Vegas until the next Monday, June 19th. The main attraction, of course, is the festival itself; EDC Vegas.

At this point, there is little uncertainty left in regard to attendance. People either have their tickets in hand or they’re waiting for the FOMO to settle in. EDC Vegas 2017 is sure to be one for the books, but those who aren’t attending shouldn’t stress. There are other festival options coming up in the near future. Perhaps the money saved can go towards a new experience.

1. FYF

For everyone in the LA area, FYF is a great choice. As Goldenvoice has become more involved with FYF, the lineup has begun to diversify. This shift comes much to the dismay of early attendees of FYF who long for the days when it was based around punk. However, in the past few years the lineup has included many more electronic dance artists. This year the lineup has stalwart DJs like Tiga and DJ Harvey as well as intriguing acts like Paranoid London and Helena Hauff. Plus, the fact that it’s in downtown LA cuts the price tag down significantly for transportation and housing.

2. Arroyo Seco Weekend

Another offering from Goldenvoice. Arroyo Seco weekend is like a combination of Desert Trip and Coachella in terms of music and setting. The festival includes classic rock legends like Tom Petty, newer rock artists like Alabama Shakes, as well as a variety of jazz, funk, and folk. It’s located on the grounds of the Brookside Golf Course, which is adjacent to the Rose Bowl. Raving into the sunrise is always fun, but so is enjoying classic roc into the sunset on a field of lush green grass. There are even premade picnic baskets for sale with an entire meals worth of food in them (and you get to keep the basket).

3. High Sierra Music Festival

High Sierra Music Festival is simple in form; take great music and bring it to an authentic mountain community. The name of that community is Quincy, CA. With a population of five thousand, this humble town in northeastern California lies within Plumas County which boasts “more than 100 lakes, 1,000 miles of rivers and streams and more than one million acres of natural forest,” according to the official website. Camping is encouraged in this beautiful environment where music runs from noon until almost 4 A.M. each night. High Sierra also offers a few amenities which are completely unique. One example is Grizzly Radio. With Grizzly Radio, music from the stages will be broadcasting on FM frequencies throughout the festival grounds. People can also listen on their phones with the NextRadio app. That means you can keep listening even if you’re at the campsite or anywhere else in the festival. Pretty cool.

4. Summertime in the LBC

Long Beach played a very important roll in the development of west-coast hip culture, and The Observatory will pay homage to the LBC with a new event featuring a slew of rap tastemakers. Wu-Tang Clan, 50 Cent, and YG are just a few of the hip-hop heavy-hitters who will perform in the heart of downtown Long Beach. In fact, the lineup is so stacked that general admission tickets are already sold out. VIP tickets remain though, and considering it’s a one-day event they are still relatively cheap. If price isn’t an issue though, there are VIP options in the thousands of dollars for a truly high-end experience.

5. Fungus Humongous – Outdoor Extravaganza

For those looking to go old-school for their next festival outing, this one is worth checking out. Tickets for the event are only $20 and the location will only be provided hours before it begins. Brad Moontribe is the only slightly recognizable name on the lineup, but the point of a party like this isn’t to see big artists; or even medium artists for that matter. The point of a party like this is to meet new people and dance under the stars for the night. In reality, an event like this is basically the opposite of EDC Vegas. Might be an interesting idea to see what that’s like.

6. Oregon Eclipse

After this weekend, there won’t be another event in the southwest that rivals EDC Vegas in size for the rest of 2017. In fact, the only event in the U.S. that will rival EDC in size throughout the back half of 2017 is Oregon Eclipse. With 13 different festivals collaborating for the purpose of celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime event, this festival will be unlike any other.

Photo Credit: High Sierra Music Festival

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