82 Year Old Japanese Dumpling Cook Is Also A DJ

An 82 year old woman, Sumiko Iwamuro, lives in Japan and spends her days cooking dumplings. By night she is a DJ in Japan’s red light district.

Iwamuro got into Djing at the age of 70 after selecting music for her son’s birthday party. After attending DJ school for a year, today she is a hit in the nightclub scene in Tokyo. She goes by the name DJ Sumirock and she holds down a monthly residency at DecaBarZ nightclub. Club goers describe her as “cool” and with “lots of energy”. She tells Al Jezeera America that she plays techno music but adds jazz, French chanson and classical music to her sets.

This woman is a living example that it’s never late to start working on your goals and dreams.

Spinning records at 82

Meet 82-year-old Sumiko: a Japanese dumpling maker by day… and professional DJ at night.

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Featured Photo: pittaya via Flickr

H/T: Stoney Roads

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