A New Techno Documentary Will Premiere Next Month

Photo / Gabin Rivoire

The film will document the birthplace and rise of techno music

A brand-new techno documentary will premiere at The Manchester International Festival next month that will investigate the birthplace and growth of techno. The film will be called Laurent Garnier: Off the Record and will spotlight French DJ and producer, Laurent Garnier, who began DJ’ing in Manchester in the late 1980s. Garnier is considered one of the lead pioneering DJs of the dance music scene, as his music has reached an endless list of European cities including Manchester and Paris.

The film is directed by Gabin Rivoire, whose focus of the film is to “tell the story of techno music.” The film will dive into Laurent Garnier’s early life and how he developed a passion for DJ’ing at such a young age. The film will further dive into the story of techno and its relation to house music and will feature multiple headlining stars including Carl Cox and Seth Troxler. 

Following the film’s screening next month, there will be an open Q&A that will take place which will feature both Garnier and Ribioire as well as Dave Haslam and Jon Dasilva, (DJs during the time of Laurent Garnier’s rise to fame).

An official trailer for Laurent Garnier: Off the Record can be watched below.

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