After Beyond Wonderland: Interview with BIJOU


EDM Maniac Catches Up with BIJOU After Beyond Wonderland

From the bustling city of Pheonix, Arizona, BIJOU has been taking G-House to new levels. Ben Dorman, AKA BIJOU, advocates and encourages the marriage of house music and rap. He is respected and supported by artists such as AC Slater, Malaa, Wax Motif, and Drezo. Some of his most well-known tracks include “Hello” with Dr. Fresch, “Crown” featuring Tyler Graves, and “Floetry” featuring Ro Ransom. This week, we had the chance to sit down and catch up with BIJOU to talk about Beyond Wonderland, new music, and what the future holds for Ben.

Ben Dorman AKA BIJOU

EDM Maniac: Hey, Ben! Thanks for chatting with us today! You just performed at Beyond Wonderland this past weekend! What was it like performing there with your mom and brother also at Beyond with you?

BIJOU: Beyond Wonderland was INCREDIBLE! I’ve played it a couple of times previously but this one was extra special since I had the chance to bring my mom and brother. Having them there made it even more exciting and special than the previous years because they’ve supported me wholeheartedly since the beginning of my musical journey.

EDM Maniac: When you aren’t on stage, do you go see other artists perform?

BIJOU: I also had the chance to check out a few other artists that night, including Nicole Moudaber, who is hands down one of my favorites of all time!

“Rockstar” by BIJOU ft. Tony Watts

EDM Maniac: You also just released a song called “Rockstar” featuring Tony Watts! What was your experience of collaborating with Tony Watts?

BIJOU: The entire process with Tony was a pleasure to be a part of. He’s a talented guy and we had mutual friends that connected us, and boom the rest is history.

EDM Maniac: How did “Rockstar” come to be?

BIJOU: We actually sat on this song for over a year just waiting for the right time to drop it. It felt right to have it be the second single off my forthcoming “Street Knowledge” EP.

EDM Maniac: You also just announced that you have new music coming out this Friday, September 3rd. What can we expect from this new release?

BIJOU: Oh yes, oh yes brand new music this Friday. It’s part 2 with my homie Elcamino out of Buffalo. This one is called “Code Blue” and is the third and final single before we drop the EP on the 17th.

EDM Maniac: What does this new release mean to you?

BIJOU: All the EP singles have been special to me because it’s been a process from the production to vocal recording, to the final engineering of the tracks themselves. This record specifically has its own story, just like the rest of the records do as well.

BIJOU and Dr.Fresch

EDM Maniac: I also know that you’re close friends with Dr.Fresch! How did you guys meet?

BIJOU: Tony is family to me that’s for sure. We met years ago when I was playing an empty club in Tempe, and he walked in and walked right out. LOL. We didn’t even formally meet at the time but met again shortly after and really hit it off.

EDM Maniac: What’s it like working with him?

BIJOU: We have a blast working together. It’s always special when we actually get to sit down and really dial into write music together.

EDM Maniac: Are you guys going to be doing more collabs in the future?

BIJOU: There will forever be Dr.Fresch x BIJOU records.

EDM Maniac: Bringing it back to this weekend at Beyond Wonderland, you also had the opportunity to meet Diesel AKA Shaq! As a huge basketball fan, what was it like meeting him?

BIJOU: It’s funny because Tony actually introduced us! I played his first Shaq’s Fun House in Miami years ago, but never had the opportunity to meet him. He’s a super nice guy. I’m thankful for that moment.

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EDM Maniac: On Twitter, you tweeted, “I promise you one day, I will headline Red Rocks, and it will sell out”. Describe to us what a BIJOU Red Rocks set would look like.

BIJOU: A BIJOU Red Rocks set is something you can’t explain and something you can only experience. So when that day comes, pull up!

EDM Maniac: Oh, I definitely will be there when it happens! What are some of your other goals as a DJ?

BIJOU: I have some collabs in the works that have been on the bucket list for YEARS. I can’t say too much on them right now, but I want to write another album (which I’ve started).

EDM Maniac: What advice would you give aspiring producers/DJs?

BIJOU: My biggest piece of advice which I always give is that you need to be willing to sacrifice everything for this. If you aren’t willing to take that risk, then this life may not be for you which is totally okay.


EDM Maniac: That’s wonderful advice. I appreciate you for giving it! What are 3 things you don’t think your fans know about you?

BIJOU: I have a serious shoe collection, I LOVE watermelon juice, AND am a terrible singer.

EDM Maniac: If you could say something to your fans right now, what would it be?

BIJOU: I love y’all.

EDM Maniac: Short and simple, but holds a lot of value! Again, we appreciate you for taking the time to chat with us. We can’t wait to see more from you and can’t wait for BIJOU Red Rocks!

Be sure to check out BIJOU’s latest release “Code Blue” with Elcamino out now and be on the lookout for his new EP coming out September 17th.

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