Alan Fitzpatrick Releases ‘Stronger’ and ‘Chant’ For Factory 93 Records

Alan Fitzpatrick, the well respected producer and DJ from Southampton, has made his debut on Factory 93 Records with a pair of nostalgia filled techno tracks entitled “Stronger” and “Chant.”

“Stronger” starts off with a deep punchy techno kick leading into a complimentary drum pattern. Then Fitzpatrick incorporates a backspin into the track that teleports ravers back to the early 90s with piano and chopped up vocals being introduced.

“Chant” is more a warehouse techno track with beats in the low end. The tribal sounds, pads, and ethereal vocals gives the cut a sense of alertness as it progresses with drum elements.

Factory 93 Records is the label stemming from Insomniac‘s techno brand Factory 93. Artists including Will Clarke, Josh Butler, and Avision have all hosted music there as well.

Listen to “Stronger” and “Chant” from Alan Fitzpatrick below:

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