Alison Wonderland Drops Her Highly Anticipated Third Album, ‘Loner’

Australian multi-talented producer Alison Wonderland has been reaching for the stars her whole life, and her latest album, Loner,sees her rise up as she sheds a layer of her past.

Never being afraid to go deep or get raw, Wonderland, real name Alexandra Margo Sholler, made it no secret this incredibly inspiring album all started when she was swimming in a pool of her own depression.

On this record, Sholler takes what it is like to feel human and combined that with a multi-genre wanderlust. Allowing her to connect with her fans and with herself on a more personal level. Using lyrics like “I’m a loner/I’m alone now./It’s okay to cry” from the title track “Loner” demonstrates her self-awareness. She approaches something that is seen as a negative thing by so many, and turns it into empowerment.

Loner hits all the stops when it comes to genres, providing classic Alison Wonderland trap style beats on “Fuck U Love U” and “New Day.” Keeping it heavy with all the bass in “Thirst,” she leaves listeners on their toes and switches it completely up when she throws down some drum and bass in “Eyes Closed,” as well as some house in “Something Real.”

Focusing on the guitar and live instruments more in “Cocaine,” she doesn’t let anyone slip though because the bass comes right back in as she sings about her least favorite people in the industry.

Sholler has truly created a work of art by successfully incorporating out-of-the-box sound design with her personal journey through rock bottom and growth. By always being an open book she shares the idea that the dark and scary times in life aren’t necessarily losses or failures. They are opportunities to learn, adapt, and reinforce the energy into something good and inspiring.

Stream Loner in full below:

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