Aluna Francis Announces Noir Fever, A Festival With An All Black Lineup

Dance music culture was created by Black people, and Aluna Francis (of AlunaGeorge) is here to make sure everyone knows it.

Francis’s latest effort on this mission is her new festival Noir Fever. Happening in New Orleans over May 27-30, 2022, the experience is set to immerse attendees in all aspects of dance music’s diverse history.

The festival will host different kinds of parties throughout the weekend including raves and warehouse functions with a lineup consisting entirely of Black artists. Francis herself and the Haitian hip-hop house pioneer Kaytranada top the bill, but the entire roster is stacked with talent.

Chicago’s Derrick Carter will provide a clinic in house, while Detroit’s Kevin Saunderson does the same for techno—both representing the city where the Black community brought those genres to life. Prominent vocalist Kaleena Zanders has her own set rather than being relegated to making guest appearances with other DJs. Caribbean-born Tygapaw is representing the queer history of dance music with her drum-heavy take on techno.

Keynote talks, workshops, and a marketplace for innovative Black-owned brands will also be a part of the event, promising the opportunity for attendees to leave with a newfound perspective on where dance music culture came from.

Francis made waves when she wrote an open letter to the music industry condemning the lack of Black representation, and now she is bringing her words to life with Noir Fever.

Check out the lineup video below, and click here for more information.

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