Amazon Music Launches New ‘DJ Mode’ Experience

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Amazon Music’s ‘DJ Mode’ will combine both radio and streaming

Amazon Music has introduced a brand new music streaming service that will combine both radio and streaming into one and will be called ‘DJ Mode,‘ which will compete directly with Apple Music’s radio stations. Amazon Music’sDJ Mode‘ will offer custom and hosted music stations that will allow users to tune in at any time as if they were listening to the radio. Once listeners tune into their desired radio station, they will be able to listen to specifically curated music, interviews with artists, artist stories, hosted commentary, trivia and other informational insights from professionals and artists within the industry. All of which will be hosted by the industry’s top DJ’s.

As of right now, the platform is only available to audiences within the United States. In order to access the radio stations, listeners must be part of Amazon Music Unlimited, which costs $7.99/month for users who already have an Amazon Prime subscription and $9.99/month for users who do not have an Amazon Prime subscription. The idea of having DJ hosted radio stations instead of stations that are algorithmically created is because radio stations are trying their hardest to appeal to younger demographics.

As of June 10th, Amazon Prime members who have paid for the additional subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited have the ability to speak into their Alexa devices to search for Amazon’s DJ hosted radio stations.

To get a better understanding of how Amazon’sDJ Mode‘ works, watch the informational video below.

H/T – Variety

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