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App Of The Week: DJ Calendar

Have you ever missed your favorite DJ playing nearby simply because you didn’t know about it? Or, have you ever tried to plan a vacation to Las Vegas or Miami without knowing which DJs you might see along the way? Well look no further, because a new app condenses all the information you need about the who, what, when, and where of the EDM scene.

The DJ Calendar, created by Jason Damstrom, is an app now available on the iTunes store that offers EDM-specific tour and event data that has been verified against multiple sources. It lets you search a certain date, venue, or artist to narrow down your search and get only relevant information. While there are plenty of websites and apps that deliver information on concert tours, the DJ Calendar is specific to the EDM scene and targets a specific niche of fans.


DJ Calendar also allows you to create a customizable favorites menu with your favorite DJs or venues, so you have one place to go to see what’s going on in your city any night of the week. Each artist page on the app also has a link to his/her social media platforms and Soundcloud. This way, if t someone you’re not familiar with is playing at your favorite venue, you can check out some music and maybe discover a DJ you would’ve missed out on otherwise. There are also ticket links on each event page to complete your planning.

It’s a genius idea that models itself after some festival-specific apps, yet gives EDM fans every day access condensed at their fingertips. Instead of going to different club’s websites or twitter pages, everything is listed together on one page that makes for much less digging and searching.


When asked how the idea for the DJ Calendar started, creator Jason Damstrom explained, “I was a DJ in NYC for a long time, when I moved to LA, I didn’t have all of the contacts I used to have to find out what was going on in the city. I started missing DJs that I looked up to and was inspired by and didn’t have the time to check each of their websites individually. I built a website that did really well for a while that provided tour info for the top DJs in the world.  Recently, I decided that creating a mobile app was the next logical step.”

A DJ himself, Jason understands the EDM market. He understood that the previous apps were too broad, and that there was a direct need for a more streamlined and specialized one. “There is a certain culture and community around EDM and I wanted to harness it,” Jason said. “In the process of building the app, I recognized a lack of a marketing platform for artists as well as a need for a mobile platform for venues.  Yelp is unreliable, since any restaurant, club, bar, lounge can tag themselves as a dance venue and it skews the results if you are unfamiliar with the local scene.  I think my app delivers a concise tool that delivers verified info, artist bios and social links, and a dedicated area to nightlife venues.”

It is Jason’s hope that the app will also serve as a marketing platform for nightclubs looking to promote themselves and gain more followers. It is a logical tool for promoters to advertise their product and help new customers become loyal ones.

Whether you’re lucky enough to live in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, where there’s a famous DJ playing almost every night, or you’re trying to plan a killer weekend getaway in one of these cities, the DJ Calendar should be your go to for condensed and accurate information.

Written by
Cecelie Pikus

Cecelie became hooked on EDM back in 2012. Hailing from Northern New Jersey, Cecelie currently resides in upstate New York and serves as the in-game host and promotional coordinator for a professional hockey team. Graduating from Hamilton College in May of 2013 with a major in Creative Writing, she enjoys traveling the world, photography, spending time at the beach, watching the Yankees, Giants and Devils, and, of course, going to shows and festivals across the east coast. She likes all kinds of genres of music ranging from big room to hard style, but deep down loves trap and closely follows artists such as Yellow Claw, GTA, Diplo, Carnage, and DJ Snake.

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