Apple’s Digital ID Now Available In Four States For Easier Domestic Travel

Apple‘s TSA-approved digital ID is now available in four states to make traveling domestically more seamless.

The digital ID technology puts a verified state ID on the traveler’s phone which can even be added to the Apple Watch.

A special identity reader will then transfer the information from the phone to TSA and take an additional picture to match with the ID photo.

Airports in Arizona, Maryland, Colorado, and Georgia already have the infrastructure to implement this expedited process, but all travelers must still carry a physical form of ID.

Apple is actively working with other states to enable the technology including Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, and more. The overall goal is to roll out the feature nationwide.

Apple’s iPhone Wallet app has been expanded over the past few years with digital vaccine cards, digital boarding passes, and Hyatt‘s digital room keys that allow you to skip the check-in desk.

To learn more about Apple’s Digital ID, check out the video below:

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Written by
Danielle Levy

Danielle Levy is an MBA with a concentration in Corporate Social Responsibility. Danielle has several years of experience in the sustainability education world and has held various positions in human resources and intern management. Danielle is passionate about the ties between sustainability and social impact.

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