Apple Music To Host Exclusive Fitness Mixes From Aluna, Valentino Khan, And More

Apple Music has announced a new mix series dedicated to fitness. The series is broken down into four categories: Run, Ride, Gym, and Yoga. Each of the categories will be curated by a guest artist, and a new mix will drop every month.

For the first round, Aluna, Valentino Khan, Loud Luxury, and Above & Beyond curated the four categories, and they all shared some thoughts on their respective mixes. Click on the links in the mix titles to listen to each.

  • Aluna: Ride – “I take whichever club or festival I’m playing all around the world with my collection of global dance music,” Aluna tells Apple Music. “This time, it’s on a bike.”
  • Loud Luxury: Run – “We’re both runners, and the hardest part about it is staying motivated,” Andrew Fedyk, one-half of the LA-based house duo Loud Luxury, says about crafting the very first Fitness Mix for running. “We made a mix that embodied what we would want to work out to and would keep us excited.”
  • Valentino Khan: Gym – “Music is this primal tool that gives us that extra boost of energy during our workouts,” says Valentino Khan. “It’s a pretty crazy idea, but it’s so obvious. For most people, it’s almost a requirement to any fitness regimen.”
  • Above & Beyond: Yoga – “We hope it provides listeners with some degree of calm and solace in these wild times,” says Paavo Siljamäki, one-third of Above & Beyond.
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