Apple Music To Implement Hi-Fi Streaming At No Added Cost

Apple Music
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Apple’s high-fidelity option will be available next month 

Starting next month, Apple Music is getting two huge updates, support for high-quality lossless audio and for spatial audio through Dolby Atmos. The surprising feature to both of these needed upgrades is that these newly announced upgrades will be free to all subscribers, including individuals on both family and student plans. According to reports, Apple Music will have 75 million lossless audio songs by the end of 2021, and 20 million lossless audio songs to start once the program begins.

Subscribers will be able to experience Apple Music’s new Hi-Fi streaming feature as long as they have external equipment like a DAC. DAC stands for Digital-To-Analog converter and converts digital information into sound through a playback device. Subscribers who are utilizing AirPods or Beats headphones will likely experience a higher level of sound.

Only Apple Music subscribers will be able to listen to the lossless audio tracks, and the company will not be allowing ‘music purchases in lossless quality, nor will there be any way to upgrade owned tracks to lossless with the paid iTunes Match service,’ The Verge is reporting.

Apple Music is not the first company to announce the implementation of Hi-Fi streaming as both Amazon Music and Spotify have announced their plans of Hi-Fi streaming this year. It will be interesting to see which company implements Hi-Fi streaming in the most appealing way to its subscribers, and what the feedback will be as a result.

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