Apps for Electronic Music Fans

As Tidal battles Spotify in the competition for the best music streaming service, other brands have refocused their efforts and focused their attention on what really matters: bringing quality music to the people without having to question if music should be paid for or not.

The demand for free music has been at an all-time high, given the growth in smartphone users who now rely on apps to listen to their favorite tunes and discover new artists. Gaming Realms, managers of numerous online slots portals, reported that there were one billion global smartphone users back in 2013, and studies indicate that the statistic is expected to double sometime in 2016. With more music fans turning to their phones for easy listening, more companies should be concentrating on getting music to the masses rather than creating obstacles.

Recently, a new wave of free music streaming apps have hit the market, catering to electronic music junkies to offer them the best possible service for all their sonic party needs. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Digitally Imported

In the world of electronic music, Digitally Imported hails a pioneer in online EDM broadcasting and internet radio on the broader scope of things, but progressive developments in mobile technology have demonstrated the necessity of launching their own app. With more than 80 channels streaming over 40,000 tracks, DI specializes in exclusive and first-to-air content and currently provides the biggest and most diverse selection of digital music to date.


Another great resource for digital music is Traxsource, but don’t expect any of the mainstream tracks from the Top 40’s list. Unlike most apps, the content curated on here is strictly underground music, perfect for DJs, clubbers, and true EDM lovers.

Ministry of Sound LIVE

The latest in electronic music streaming service is Ministry of Sound LIVE. London’s premier nightclub turned multimedia entertainment company now offers music enthusiasts access to on-demand mixes and mood-matching channels, as well as the LIVE channel, a dance music station that’s hosted by the company’s resident presenters. LIVE also includes weekend setlists from the club.

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