Trippy New Outdoor Space Coming To Vegas This Summer

AREA15 in Las Vegas has announced its latest entertainment feature, a brand new outdoor event space that will open this summer.

According to News3lv, organizers announced Wednesday that they will be creating, “The Grounds,” which will be a multi-purpose outdoor event space for festivals, concerts, conventions, and concerts. AREA15 has already established itself as one of the forefronts of immersive entertainment & event features in Las Vegas; providing attendees with experiential entertainment, immersive art installations as well as various bars and eateries. Winston Fisher (CEO of AREA15) publicly disclosed to News3lv that:

“Expanding the AREA15 campus has always been part of the overall plan for the project. We look forward to hosting large-scale music concerts and festivals on The Grounds. The proximity of the land to AREA15, the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas will provide the concert-goer with an unapparelled experience.”

“The Grounds” is scheduled to open by the end of summer 2021.

For more information, visit AREA15’s website or email

Feature Photo – AREA15
Source – News3lv


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