Artist Radar: BLEAM And Luch Go Sultry And Smooth With New Single, “Secret Place”

It is a truly special thing for an artist to find their sound, and the nascent house and techno artist BLEAM has found his with the new single “Secret Place.”

As a young upstart producer, BLEAM rode the tech house wave and he rode it well. Foghorns and bass lines dominated his early releases and his early releases dominated the dance floor. But in listening to those initial records, there was always something more intuitive and intriguing hiding between the beats. Like a prescient signal of his true artistic character.

This signal aligns with BLEAM’s collaborator, Luch, who launches his new project with “Secret Place.” Together, the pair of producers explore the deeper and outer reaches that can manifest from an on-the-beat kick drum. Just as much a ballad as it is a melodic techno cut, the vocals persist throughout.  Along with the sifting chords and melodic ideas, they share a feeling, tell a story of a new chapter in someone’s life.

No doubt complimentary to the new chapter of BLEAM and Luch’s careers that are about to unfold. Listen to “Secret Place” below:

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