Artist Radar: K-391 Escapes Reality With New Song “Lonely World”

Technology and escapism meet in the artist that is K-391. K-391 describes their music as taking the listener on a getaway and escaping reality. Adding some mystery is the producer’s signature hood, always concealing their face in a shroud of white or black.

Songs like “Lighthouse” and “Nightmare” are reminiscent of the golden age of EDM, 2013-2016, and combine beautiful vocals with powerful and emotive drops. The K-391 sound is so encapsulating, no wonder their song with Alan Walker, “Play”, has over 100 million streams on Spotify.

Now their new song “Lonely World” is here to hype up ravers for festival season. The track starts with a bouncy melody that triggers nostalgia for the era of Brooks, Martin Garrix, and Kygo. Then the vocals come in, sung by Victor Crone, speaking of a lost time before they were “afraid to lose everyone being lonely.” The singer then asks if they are “just a zombie in this lonely world?” before the drop brings back the melody and has the listener jumping in their seat. “Lonely World” is sure to be the song of the 2022 festival season for ravers longing for those wistful times pre-pandemic.

The music video for “Lonely World” dropped Thursday, May 26, so check it out below. Also be sure to follow K-391 as they make a name for themselves on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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