Artist Spotlight: Meet LA’s Rising Dubstep Artist YDG

Versatile dubstep producer/DJ and San Diego native YDG, has continued to make a name for himself within the dubstep community through his singles, remixes, and collaborations. YDG has collaborated with some of dubstep’s primary names including Riot Ten and 4B and has produced remixes for Subtronics, Slander, Sullivan King, Excision & Liquid Stranger as well as DJ Snake. He also has numerous heaving hitting self-releases such as ‘Escape,’ ‘Psycho,’ and ‘BOTB.’ YDG is known for his ability to produce all sorts of versatile remixes, spanning across all kinds of genres of EDM including trap, dubstep, and experimental bass.

Recently, YDG has appeared regularly on Excisions‘ newly formed label, Subsidia. Subsidia is renown for featuring the most current rising stars in the bass and dubstep community. YDG has produced three individual tracks that have been featured on the label including ‘9mili,’ Night Of The Living Dead,’ and ‘Blade.’ YDG’s 3 Subsidia releases have amounted to more than 65,000 total plays and have been featured on two of Subsidia’s compilation albums. His latest release, ‘Blade,’ was featured on Subsidia’s Dusk Vol. 2 which released last month.

We were able to sit down with YDG to talk about his career, the current state of dance music as well as any advice he has for up-and-coming artists who are trying to break into the industry. Click here to view YDG’s Soundcloud and make sure you are staying up to date on all of YDG’s releases by connecting with him on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram.

EDM Maniac: Where does the name YDG come from? Did you come up with that name… or what is the story behind it?

YDG: YDG at first didn’t have a meaning behind it, I just thought it sounded cool and was easy to remember. The meaning behind it came later which is Youth.Death.Glory.

EDM Maniac: How did you first start making a name for yourself in the EDM scene? How did you go about showcasing your music and branding yourself?

YDG: I first started making a name for myself in the EDM scene when I first collabed with Shawn Wasabi as my first release as YDG our song known as “Burnt Rice”. Shortly after I released my second song under Dimak Records which became a Pete Tong essential release that I believe hadn’t happened in so long or ever for a dubstep release. I then started collabing with more artists after that and began to build more hype to my name, which I feel like is a major thing to do for any upcoming artist. Branding myself came later in my project because I was quite stuck in which direction to go, but I realized the brand represents you which in my case is 80’s horror films. I always loved horror movies and knew I can incorporate that in my music especially bass music. I feel like you can get to know me through my music as it represents what I love pretty well. 

EDM Maniac: What track in-particular has been your favorite to produce? Why? What collaborative track has been your favorite to work on? Why?

YDG: This is a hard question because I have quite a few that are my favorite, but my top 3 would have to be “Psycho”, “Blade”, and “Night Terror (YDG Remix)”. These are my top 3 songs simply for the fact that these songs represent me as a whole brand that let people know I have my own distinguished sound. My favorite collab that I have so far would have to be “Hyphy” with Riot Ten.

EDM Maniac: Who has been your favorite artists to work with? How come?

YDG: My favorite artist to have worked with would have to be Ookay because not only did we grow up in the same city together but both our sounds are very different and when working together it’s always fun and creative.

EDM Maniac: You have been putting out quite a few tracks on Excisions’ new label, Subsidia. Can you talk about what that process was like and how you were able to start working with Jeff?

YDG: Working with Subsidia/Excision all started with him playing my music back in 2018, I then started hitting him up and started to send him my music and built a relationship with him. 

EDM Maniac: If you could headline any festival in the entire world, which festival would it be and why? What festival would you like to perform at that you have not been able to perform at yet?

YDG: EDC no questions asked, that was my first ever festival that I attended back in 2010 that made me realize that making music is what I wanted to do and Lost Lands without a doubt. I am pretty sure that answer is self-explanatory, I love bass music.

EDM Maniac: Do you have a favorite on-stage moment? A moment at a festival or show that you will remember for the rest of your life? If so, what is it?

YDG: I have quite a few favorite moments on stage but the one that really sticks with me is EDC 2017 playing right before Kaskade’s secret set. 

EDM Maniac: What artists or artists within the electronic dance music community inspire you the most? How come? Do you have any other musical inspirations?

YDG: A few artists that inspire me within the EDM community are Excision, Skrillex, Eptic, and Frankie Nuts.

EDM Maniac: How about outside of music, what inspires you outside of music?

YDG: What inspires me outside of music would have to be watching horror movies and traveling to different places with my family, my significant other, and our dog. As well as playing video games.

EDM Maniac: Do you have any hobbies or activities outside of music that you enjoy? What are they? Are there any hobbies that you would like to pursue this year?

YDG: A few of my hobbies are playing video games and cooking. I really got into cooking since the quarantine started and I find it very therapeutic. 

EDM Maniac: What can fans expect out of YDG in 2021… New album, EP, live streams? What can fans look forward to this year?

YDG: In 2021 my fans can definitely expect a lot of new music which includes an EP and a lot of huge collabs and let’s not forget merch that is currently in the works.

EDM Maniac: Authorities are speculating on a return to live events come fall of this year… what are your thoughts on this possibility? Do you think that this obtainable?

YDG: Considering if we all follow CDC guidelines and stay safe I think we can definitely have shows back.

EDM Maniac: What advice can you give to younger artists who are trying to break into the industry? Is there anything that you would tell your younger self that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out?

YDG: My advice to upcoming artists and my younger self would have to be to not give up, stay persistent, don’t compare yourself to others, be different, and take risks. 

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