Artist Spotlight: Triton Drops Face-Melting Debut EP ‘Traction’

The aspiring producer Triton has been DJing for longer than many in the industry. But despite his many other business ventures and his Traction EP being his first original singles, Triton has a promising future to look out for.

Triton hails from Mesa, Arizona with the desert landscape as the backdrop for his life. Drawing inspiration from legends in the scene like Excision, the bass fan takes the sounds of dramatic cinema and blends them with the electronic dance beats. The result is a soundscape that is almost visual in its soundscape and can be felt right in your chest.

Triton, real name Jacob, has always been a businessman. He was in 8th grade when he bought his first piece of DJ equipment, a $200 DJ board so he could start booking shows and become the greatest disc jockey that Stapley Junior high had ever seen. As he continued to dabble in music in high school, his rebellious spirit brought him to a Borgore concert (using his older brother’s ID). This show, as well as subsequent Excision sets, would inspire his sound and aspirations.

His businessman mindset continues whether it’s maintaining a rental property, collecting passport stamps, or running swim lessons. 2020 was the year of change for Triton as he decided to fully dedicate his pursuits to music production.

Now Triton’s new EP Traction is bringing his heavy and grimy sound to the forefront. “I Don’t Care” is a glitchy and wavy take on bass that will break your neck, but with a futuristic and dramatic atmosphere. The title track “Traction” is pure aggression, further amplified by the growling vocal saying “It’s too late to stop it”. These two tracks are his first singles and are merely a taste of what to expect from the talented young artist.

Check out his Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up-to-date on his upcoming projects.

Listen to the full Traction EP below:

Featured image provided by Triton Management

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