‘A State of Trance 1000’ Planning Historic 2021 Event

Yesterday night, during the A State of Trance Episode, Armin van Buuren released some information for the big ASOT 1000 party.  Due the global pandemic, the celebrations will be hold in the ASOT Radio Studio. Mark your calendars and celebrate the 1000th with us on 21 of January, 2021, with a very special extended radio show.

During this unique episode, Armin will announce some BIG NEWS about the ASOT 1000 celebration in Utrecht which will happen later in 2021.

Here’s what A State of Trance had to say so far about the upcoming ASOT 1000 event:

“We’ve been doing this for almost 20 years, and as you all know episode 1000 is coming up and everybody’s been asking us, “What are you guys going to do for episode 1000?”, well due to the situation in the world with this terrible virus, plans Every 50th radio show of A State Of Trance is celebrated with several live events, usually kicking off around February in Utrecht, which unites thousands of Trance music lovers from all across the globe. ”

A State Of Trance is a weekly radio show with an estimated 38 million listeners and a festival format by Armin van Buuren. In the show, van Buuren presents the latest tracks from trance and progressive trance in a two-hour set.

For more information, click right here.

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