Astroworld Attendees File $750 Million Lawsuit Against Travis Scott And Organizers

The latest lawsuit following the numerous deaths and hundreds of injuries at Astroworld is seeking $750 million in compensation, NBC News reports. Festival founder and headliner, Travis Scott, is one of several named defendants in the case.

Festival organizer Live Nation is also included in the lawsuit, as well as Apple Music, which was streaming the event, and celebrity rapper Drake, who joined Scott for his set during which many of the injuries occurred.

Buzbee Law Firm filed the suit on behalf of over 125 victims, including the family of Alex Acosta, a 21-year-old who was killed at the event. This lawsuit is one of the dozens being filed following the first night of Astroworld.

“The victims on that night went to Astroworld for fun,” the suit said. “Neither they nor their families were ever warned that they were walking into an extremely dangerous situation.”

Currently, ten deaths have been confirmed as a result of the event. Eight occurred on-site, with two more attendees tragically passing away in the days following the event due to injuries sustained. One of the victims was a nine-year-old boy.

Scott has offered to pay all the funeral costs for those who passed away in addition to providing full refunds for all tickets purchased.

In response, the Buzbee lawsuit stated “Such [an] offer is a transparent and grotesque effort of the Defendants to limit their liability, after the fact, to the families of those killed or injured.”

Part of the lawsuit claimed that Scott neglected the safety of attendees by continuing the show even after it was deemed to be a “mass casualty event.” This claim is furthered by the fact that Scott has encouraged similar dangerous behavior at his shows in the past.

Kyle Green, an attendee of a Scott concert in New York in 2017, was paralyzed after being allegedly pushed off a third-floor balcony. Scott told attendees to jump because fans below would catch them.

How these various lawsuits against Scott and Astroworld organizers conclude will demonstrate to a point where society places the blame for situations like this. Organizers, attendees, and artists all played a role in this horrible tragedy.

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