Australia Debuts First “COVID-Safe” Festival Next Month

Australia is ahead of the curve in terms of COVID-19 with a return to normalcy after a long year of lockdowns around the world. Next month, Australian entrepreneur Ross Macpherson is set to debut Australia’s very first “COVID-Safe” music festival experience with Good Day Sunshine in Western Australia. While other countries have experimented with extremely reduced capacities and drive-in style events in an effort to keep the live music scene alive, this is the first to incorporate the normal large-scale festival experience with a format designed to prevent the spread of COVID.

Th difference with this festival is that the location at Barnard Park will be divided up into four sections with 1,250 capacity each (for a total of 5,000 total capacity). The entire event will be outdoors and each section will features its own entrance, exit, bars, and amenities. The stage will be centered within the four areas on a turntable design that rotates through each section. During the festival, safety officers will ensure social distancing, setup hand sanitizer stations, clean facilities, and more.

According to Macpherson, “I would be flattered if this format was to be used by other events in Australia and across the world. The sooner we can get large-scale live events back up and running, the better for everyone.” Here are EDM Maniac, we completely agree and hope that this format can be used elsewhere as countries begin the reopening process. For a full tour of the festival grounds and format, head here.

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