Australia To Trial Ecstasy & Psychedelic’s On Mental Health

The Australian Government has pledged $15 million towards the trials of ecstasy & psychedelics on mental health.

A new study has been approved by the Australian Government where scientists will test the effects of both ecstasy & psychedelics and their effects on mental health. The study will be called ‘Mental Illness Grant Opportunity’ and will be powered by Australia’s federal government. The trials will investigate the effectiveness of magic mushrooms, ecstasy & other psychedelic drugs used to treat mental illness including depression & PTSD. Dr. Nicole Lee, who is a professor at Curtin University’s National Drug Research Institute released the following statement regarding the trials,

“Australia used to be leaders in the world when it came to drug & alcohol policy, but in the last 10 to 15 years we’ve slipped back to a zero-tolerance, prohibition approach & we are way behind the rest of the world.” 

Psychedelics are being chosen to trial because the “success rate of existing medication to treat psychiatric conditions is around 30% to 40%.” “Trials using psilocybin & MDMA to treat depression & PTSD have found remission rates ranging from 60% to 80%.” It will be interesting to see how these trials affect mental health in any way and if they will ever be implemented as a medication later down the road.

Let us know your thoughts on whether or not you support the trail of ecstasy & psychedelics and their effects on mental health.

Source – Stoney Roads
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