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How Discord Is HelpIng Dance Music Communities Stay Connected

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone in the world was collectively reminded that community is the backbone of society. We learned to lean on...

Festival Report Card

Festival Report Card: PROPER NYE

The debut of PROPER –– San Diego’s newest house and techno NYE installment from FNGRS CRSSD –– had devotees waiting on the edge of...

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9 House And Techno New Year’s Eve Events Happening in California

The end of the year has crept up on us. Now, everyone is looking for a way to celebrate the victory of making...

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That’s A Wrap: EDM Maniac’s 5 Top-Rated Music Festivals Of 2022

Around this time of year, dance music devotees start to reflect on their event and music festival experiences of 2022. The nostalgia starts...


Ravers Pay Homage To Dance Music Culture Through Love Letters

For some, a first kiss is memorable and the first love is unforgettable, but for me, my first rave struck me as love...


Interview: End Overdose Is Showing The World That Overdoses Are Preventable

With fentanyl-laced substances spreading tremendously, the nation’s drug epidemic continues to soar. The amount of deaths correlated to drug overdose keeps on growing,...