Berghain Will Reopen This Weekend For The First Time In Over 18 Months!

Berghain, the famed Berlin nightclub known the world over for its weekend-long affairs and ruthless entry bouncers, will officially reopen this Saturday, October 2.

Since July of 2021, the garden at Berghain has been open and several live streams have been hosted inside, but this weekend will be their first Klubnacht since March 2020, the month the pandemic took hold. Klubnacht are the parties that begin Saturday night and end the following Monday afternoon.

For their return, two of Berghain’s most notable residents, Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann, will share a back-to-back set. In the adjacent Panorama Bar, Italy’s Massimiliano Pagliara will bring his original style of deep techno. View the full lineup for the first Klubnacht in 18 months below.

In celebration of the reopening, the owners of Berghain shared the following statement:

“Music is often referred to as something universally human, a language that is understood all over the world. Which makes no evolutionary sense, but has known how to strengthen the sense of community since the beginning of human history. It is an echo of our humanity, which leads to similar structures and is recognized regardless of cultural background — be it a love song or a dance track. Music is the answer. With this in mind: let the bass kick, see you on the dancefloor!”

Ben Klock B2B Marcel Dettmann
DJ Stingray 313
Electric Indigo
Héctor Oaks
Phase Fatale

Panorama Bar:
Chris Cruse
Gabrielle Kwarteng
Tama Sumo B2B Lakuti
Massimiliano Pagliara B2B nd_baumecker
Vale Budino

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