Bob Moses Announce Third LP ‘The Silence In Between’, With New Single “Love Brand New”

Bob Moses are releasing their third album, The Silence In Between, on March 4, 2022, and to celebrate the announcement, the hybrid electronic band has shared a new single and music video: “Love Brand New.”

Tom Howie and Jim Vallance of Bob Moses first made waves with their breakout hit, “Tearing Me Up,” back in 2015. With their melding of live guitar and vocals to synthesized drum patterns, the duo danced upon the tightrope conjoining the worlds of organic and electronic.

Now almost seven years later they are one of the most revered acts in this new wave of live electronic artists who have the freedom to hop between full-band performances and club-driven DJ sets.

This new single, “Love Brand New,” sees Howie and Vallance back in the studio with a full band for the darkly-tinged love song. The video adapts a decrepit warehouse space into a timeline of romantic relationships, and the downtempo beat of the song suggests that even it moves slow, love can always reignite authentic connections.

Watch the video for “Love Brand New” below.

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