Break Science Drops Single “Live Twice,” A Progessive Take On Funk

After taking a two-year hiatus, Break Science, the two natives that are described as some of the most profound influencers in the Colorado electronic music boom are back, and they just released the second single from their upcoming EP, Mecha Flora, titled, “Live Twice” featuring Brazillian rapper Niko Is.

After not releasing any music science before the pandemic, Break Sciene members Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee took to the internet back in December to announce the EP, dropping February, 2, along with a three-night run of release shows that will take place at three different venues throughout Colorado.

Deitch & Borahm were quarantined like the rest of the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but they were lucky to live only seven minutes walking distance apart from each other in their current homes in Denver, CO.

These secluded recording sessions often featured Lee’s living room piano and drum set, an organic approach that empowered the producers through a dark time, and one that vitalized the Break Science project in the process while allowing Mecha Flora to embrace a meditative but groovy mindset. 

Diving into “Live Twice,” you can find the same progressive take that has pushed the widespread love for Deitch and Lee for over a decade. The track is a colorful, fast-tempo single that sticks to their soulful hip-hop roots featuring Niko Is a rejuvenating Brazillian rapper.


Stream “Live Twice” by Break Science featuring Niko Is

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