Burning Man Attendees Encounter Leaving Delays Of Up To 12 Hours

Burning Man attendees were caught in a traffic jam while leaving that some reports suggest lasted up to 12 hours.

With temperatures hitting around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, many attendees encountered brutal traffic jams when trying to leave the Nevada desert of Black Rock. The official Burning Man accounts warned of these extensive wait times to hold off attendees from leaving all at once.

This past year, more than 80,000 people attended the event from August 28-September 5. As the first official Burning Man since the COVID pandemic, many were eager to attend the spiritual event. But attendees had a bit more time on the Playa than they expected as they attempted to leave.

Festival goers are no stranger to long exit times, often waiting two to four hours before fully leaving venues or campgrounds.

Read the statement from the official Burning Man Twitter below:

Featured image from CJ @cjyu, statement from Burning Man Project 


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