Burning Man May Require Mandatory Vaccinations

After backlash from fans, the festival is now reconsidering its vaccination procedures

Burning Man organizers are currently contemplating whether or not to require mandatory vaccinations upon entering the festival after organizers had previously stated that a vaccine would be mandatory before entering. Burning Man’s initial statement has received instant backlash and criticism from fans, which in turn has caused the festival to reconsider its vaccination procedures.

According to Mixmag, Burning Man CEO Marian Goodell wrongly informed viewers via a vlog that attendees of large events in Nevada were required to have a vaccine. Fans immediately expressed their disapproval of the statement which was followed by another vlog by Goodell. In her second vlog, Goodell expressed that she did not give out the correct information in her first vlog.

It is reported that Burning Man will reach a decision as to whether or not vaccines will be mandatory by the end of this month. We will circle back around once an official statement is released.

Feature Photo – Scott London
H/T – The New York Post

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