California Approves Voter Initiative That May Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

The same movement that lead to legalized marijuana in California is now pushing to decriminalize magic mushrooms. A new voter initiative is currently gathering signatures around the state from citizens who support decriminalization. There is also an impending proposal that will hit the state legislature in 2022.

This would not be the first effort of its kind in the US. Voters approved magic mushroom decriminalization in the state of Oregon last year. There have also been similar city-wide approvals in Denver, Colorado and Oakland, California.

“I believe it is possible that eventually, a critical mass or even a majority of states will legalize or decriminalize some or all of these psychedelics,” said Ismail L. Ali, acting director of policy and advocacy at Santa Cruz-based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, in an email to NBCNews.

The largest hurdle faced by the decriminalization movement is the significant amount of fundraising it will take to garner signatures. Without money for advertisements, outreach, and other means of mass communication it will be difficult to raise awareness among enough people to get the required number of signatures.

To learn more and sign the petition to decriminalize magic mushrooms in California head to

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