Calvin Harris Honors Ten Years Of His Classic Hit, “Feel So Close”

Those who are familiar with EDM Maniac, who follow us on social media, who read our articles, they know how we feel about EDM between the years of 2010 and 2014.

The dance music of this era captured the heart of the US, manifesting the culture in which this publication came to be. A culture of love, unity, and friendship, supported by some of the most memorable pieces of electronic music ever written.

“Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris is one of those pieces and today on Instagram, Harris celebrated a decade of this groundbreaking production with a heartfelt post.

“I like remembering how it came about, cos at the time I was well confused about what to do with my life / career,” Harris wrote to open the anecdote.

The grand reception this track received all throughout the world is proof that an entire population of fans felt the same way as Harris. “Feel So Close,” along with “Levels,” “Don’t You Worry Child,” “Clarity,” and a series of other emotive, synthetic compositions served as guiding lights to a lost generation. A group of people without a crowd found each other, well, in the crowd.

Little did those people know, the DJs on stage were finding their crowd as well. Despite being elevated above the dancers on stages that grew bigger and bigger, they felt so close to you. Ten years later, they still feel so close to you. Right now.

Listen back to “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris, and read his full tribute to the track below.

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