Calvin Harris Teases New NFT’s With Unreleased Music

Calvin Harris is the latest and greatest electronic artist to announce a brand new NFT.

Calvin Harris has teamed up with longtime creative artist, Emil Nava on a brand new NFT. This is Calvin Harris’s first NFT, joining a series of other artists including Dillon Francis and deadmau5, who recently announced their debut NFT’s. Emil Nava is a Grammy Award-winning British director who specializes in directing music videos. Harris and Nava’s NFT is called ‘TECHNOFISH’ and features five spinning squares with various fish being displayed in various environments.

Each individual square is an individual NFT. Meaning in total, Calvin Harris will be releasing 5 new NFT’s accompanied by 5 new unreleased tracks. In Harris’s NFT teaser video on Twitter, the spinning squares of fish are moving in unison to a background track, which happens to be an unreleased Calvin Harris tune.

Harris is planning on donating a portion of the funds generated by the NFT to Aerial, an organization working to help reduce carbon emissions. Calvin Harris’s debut NFT’s will drop on Nifty Gateway on Monday, March 29 at 11 AM PST/2:00 PM EST.

Feature Photo – Getty Images

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