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Carl Cox’s Hybrid Set To Take The Stage At Three Stunning US Open-Air Venues This Fall

This fall, the unparalleled live performance talent of Carl Cox will be on display with his unforgettable Hybrid Set at three of the most breathtaking open-air venues in the US.

Cox will make his debut at Central Park and Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and then make an eagerly anticipated return to LA, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing techno sounds.

On Saturday, September 30, Cox will make his debut at Central Park, one of the world’s most well-known urban parks and the city’s focal point. 

After his performance at Central Park, Cox will continue his Hybrid Set tour at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado on Sunday, October 8. The venue is famous for its outstanding sound quality, attributed to the natural acoustic environment created by majestic sandstone structures.

As the tour moves to the West Coast, Carl Cox will also take the stage at Naud Street in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 21. This industrial venue is renowned for hosting the city’s best techno parties, featuring a tough and edgy atmosphere with passing Amtrak trains and visible graffiti art. 

In a press release, Cox said, “Taking my Hybrid Set to these iconic venues is going to be something very special and unique for me. My full Hybrid set sees me perform my own electronic music live, fused with everything I bring to the dancefloor as a DJ so these are exciting spaces to do just that!” 

Carl Cox is globally recognized as a master of both DJing and live performances using an array of electronic instruments. His acclaimed Hybrid Set, launched in 2022, seamlessly fuses his DJing skills with his own produced music, resulting in a unique musical hybrid. With unfettered artistic freedom to react and diverge in the moment, no two shows are alike. 

Click here to get tickets and more information on Carl Cox’s 2023 tour. 

Written by
Bianca Macias

A battle with epilepsy could not stop me from finding the rave community or pursuing my passion to write. I was a journalism major at my college writing about sports when my condition took me out of my classes and stuck me in my home to focus on bills and get healthy. Once I got my seizures under control through medication I decided to face my fear of crowds and lasers in order to finally experience house music in festival fashion at Day Trip 2021. I quickly learned that I could continue to rave and manage my condition simultaneously. Then a raver was born! I love house and techno the most, which ironically are the genres that even brought my parents together. The dance music culture and community has connected me with the opportunity to write about my passion, the best of friends, a lover, and good and bad experiences that continue to grow me as a person. I'm based in Southern California let's catch a set!

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