Celebrating Eight Years Of Avicii’s Groundbreaking Debut LP, ‘True’

Albums in the age of dance music are a rare and often overlooked format. Touring is the primary source of income for artists. Many of them simply put out regular singles to sustain the gigs while many consumers are floating through a world of customizable playlists. All the songs you want in the exact order you want.

And yet, albums still maintain their historical relevance. They represent a benchmark in the evolution of an artist. They tell a story in a way a single track simply can’t, and Avicii‘s debut album True told the story of a generation.

Released September 13, 2013 (just over eight eight years ago), True came out at the height of the EDM years. A time when a whole population of music lovers had found a new family; a family who would go on to dance to “Wake Me Up,” “Hey Brother,” and “Addicted To You” countless times in the years to come.

After nearly two years of an ever-draining world pandemic, it may be time to listen through that story once again. A story of honest connection and overcoming adversity.

A story that is true.

Featured image by Rukes

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