Cercle Invites Miss Monique For Livestreamed Performance At Montreal Biosphere

Ukrainian artist Miss Monique has been tapped by French media company Cercle for a livestreamed performance from the iconic Montreal Biosphere in Canada.

This is the first time Cercle will record in Canada and it promises to be full of the incredible production Cercle is known for internationally.

On Monday, October 3, Cercle will stream the progressive artist at the Montreal Biosphere, an environmental museum known for its impressive 61-meter-high geodesic dome.

The set will also be followed by an interview with Miss Monique where the online audience can ask questions right to the artist herself.

Miss Monique is one of the most recognizable progressive house names in Europe. She melts techno rhythms with classic trance and progressive tunes, gaining over two million views on her previously recorded streams.

Cercle is a French media company that produces unique live performance experiences in some of the most daring and gorgeous places all over the world.

Some of their most popular videos include Ben Böhmer live in a hot air balloon above Cappadocia in Turkey, Amelie Lens at Atomium in Brussels, and Kölsch at the Eiffel Tower.

The livestream event with Miss Monique will take place on Cercle’s Twitch and Facebook at 5:30PM UTC-4.

All images provided by Jukebox PR

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