Chainsmokers Event Promoters Slapped With $20,000 Fine

Remember that botched socially-distant concert with the Chainsmokers this past June? Well NY State is now fining the event promoters for violating social distance and health guidelines. 

NY State investigated the event and concluded that the promoter “In the Know Experiences” exceeded the amount of attendees legally allowed and also did not enforce mask-wearing. The event ultimately did not meet many of the safety measures that were needed to hold the event permit and created a risk for COVID-19. Because of this, the state is now seeking $20,000 in fines for violating these public health measures.

According to the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo: “The Chainsmokers concert promoter is charged today with violating an Executive Order and Section 16 of the Public Health Law. As I said immediately following reports of this event, it was an egregious violation of the critical public health measures we have had in place since the beginning of this pandemic to protect New Yorkers from COVID-19,” a statement read. “We will continue to hold people and businesses accountable for their actions and the local governments must enforce the rules or else we will hold them accountable as well.”

The charity event featuring The Chainsmokers was held in the Hamptons this past June and benefited No Kid Hungry, Southampton Fresh Air Home and the Children’s Medical Fund of New York. 

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Safe & Sound

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