Chet Porter Releases “Life’s So Good,” The First Single From His New Project, Cherry Surf

Today, indie-electronic artist, Chet Porter, revealed a new part of his musical identity via his latest single, “Life’s So Good.” This upbeat surf rock song is the first official offering from Cherry Surf, the project Porter created with good friend and fellow electronic crossover artist, Midoca.

The hinge point of “Life’s So Good” is it’s positive, uplifting nature. After writing plenty of songs to reflect the dismal nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, Porter was ready to do something completely different and write something as hopeful as possible.

Read some of his thoughts on making the track below:

“it was so fun to do, that it resulted in all of these laughs from us, which we just left in the track because that was the whole point at the end of the day: to make a fun song and have fun doing it. i guess it’s about how, even when this made-up surfer version of me lost his surfboard, has no money, whatever… he still thinks life’s so good and feels lucky to be here.”

Listen to “Life’s So Good” from Chet Porter and Cherry Surf below:

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