Chris Lake’s First Label Compilation, ‘Black Book ID’s: Chapter 1’

Chris Lake’s record label has released its first label compilation.

Chris Lake’s record label has released its first label compilation album titled, ‘Black Book ID’s: Chapter 1.’ The compilation album is composed of 4 tracks which features Chris Lake and fellow record label members Dubesque, Fourword, and NightFunk. All four artists truly bring the heat on the label’s first compilation album. From Chris Lake’s ‘Beat Freak’ to NightFunk’s ‘Like I Don’t Exist,’ listeners will be happy to hear that the four-track premier compilation album is nothing but good vibes and deep house beats.

Chris Lake’s record label premiere compilation album is not only filled with fluent, deep house beats but it also sheds light as to what is to come to the newly established label. Considering this is the label’s first compilation release and it’s packed with club hits, we are very excited for what is to come. We will keep you informed when the label releases another compilation album or once we hear about any future releases.

Feature Photo – Insomniac 

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