Chuckie Drops Melbourne Bounce Track “Bang”

CHUCKIE is back with a new track out on #DirtyDutch! “BANG” is a thunderous collar with Diamond Pistols featuring vocals by Hyper Crush. Once again stepping back into the Melbourne Bounce territory, “BANG” features an interesting choice when it drops — one that you can find on many Trap and Hip-Hop tracks. Chuckie’s ability to fuse these different sounds is not uncommon for him and what will continue to set him apart from others. It’s something different and gives us that bouncy feeling that we all love to get down to but surprises us when it drops. We think this track will be a monster on the dance floor when it’s played and we can’t wait to see what Chuckie comes up with next. I’m sure we’ll be be delightfully surprised.

Listen to BANG:

Purchase “Bang!” Here:!/1420506

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