EDM Maniac Community Guidelines

  • Treat your fellow commenters with respect.
  • Do not slander, libel or otherwise defame other members, websites, online communities or blogs.
  • Our community guidelines follow everything outlined by Facebook and Instagram community guidelines.
  • Offer courtesy to other members, sites or sources when re-posting someone else’s ideas or comments by acknowledging where you information came from by giving the other person or site credit where credit is due.
  • Do not use the the any of EDM Maniac’s social media channels to self promote without proper permission or advertising fee paid to the site owners.
  • Agree to disagree from time to time.
  • Leave our community and community posts in better shape than when you got here by contributing your thoughts, ideas, deals or support for other members.
  • HAVE FUN!!!

It is extremely important that our community feel this is a safe and inviting place to share their contributions. For any questions please reach out to info@edmmaniac.com.

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