Countdown to EDC Vegas 2018 – A New Kind Of Vibe

As the middle of April quickly approaches, people are already in full on festival season mode – but one festival in particular is on the minds of many, and that festival is EDC Vegas. Besides the fact that EDC is one of the most hype-worthy festivals of every year, this year promises exciting new changes – including a date change and the addition of a camping, transformational vibe to the larger-than-life festival. 

Many things have lead to up these changes that Insomniac is making to its premier festival. For one, the festival landscape is changing. Transformational, boutique camping festivals have emerged in popularity over recent years and attendees are opting more for their smaller, more intimate and unifying environments. Insomniac has taken note, and that’s why we are getting campgrounds at EDC and why the festival as a whole is adjusting its overall vibe.

Another major change that is coming to the speedway this year is the date change.

The heat over the years has begun to take its toll on headliners, and many made their voices heard. Pasquale and Insomniac listened, and this year for the first time ever, EDC will take place the weekend before Memorial Day, in May, which will hopefully alleviate the problems that came with having the festival in the middle of June. 



Insomniac has announced that this year’s festival will be kicked off at the Cosmic Meadow stage each night, hosted by HARD. The festival will begin with one stage playing music, to gather the headliners in one central place and kick off the weekend as one before we all spread out to catch our favorite sets at the various stages. Insomniac is adding this element to the festival to give a more unifying introduction to the festival each night. 



The addition of camping to EDC has been a long-talked-about topic. The reason it was never implemented before was because of the aforementioned heat – there was no safe way to have people camp without risking them getting caught in the desert heat. But with the date change comes cooler weather, and this means that camping is now an official option. Pasquale isn’t taking any chances though, and is only allowing two camping options – air-conditioned tents and RVs. Camping will do many things for EDC – it will give a fresh, new energy to the festival, it will create another communal environment, and it will decrease the amount of traffic coming to and from the speedway, one of most plaguing problems Insomniac and its headliners have had to deal with every year. 



Located at the heart of the EDC campgrounds is The Mesa, a central location that offers activities, entertainment, and amenities for headliners all weekend long. In the center of The Mesa are three tents, each housing their own unique set of experiences for the weekend. The Sol tent offers yoga, sound healing, rave aerobics, and some serious arts and crafts. The Cascada tent is home to transformational activities and wellness workshops and is the main location for the hand-selected guest speakers. Under the expansive Tierra tent you can find beauty stations, glam labs, the Camp EDC Barbershop, massages with essential oils, and a few more surprises. The Mesa will also feature go-kart racing, kandi making, hula hoop classes, and so much more….including the Oasis Pool, a pool built right smack dab in the middle of the desert.

Tickets to EDC Las Vegas 2018 are on sale now here.


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