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1, 2, 3, 4 “Counting” By Hamdi Remixes Come Out On Deadbeats

Featured Photo Credits: Deadbeats

The UK is taking over 2024, and the release of the “Counting” by Hamdi Remix EP on Deadbeats is setting the stage.

“1,2,3,4, let me hear you scream if you want some more,” is a line echoed by fans globally once Hamdi released “Counting” just last year.

Sampling Princess Superstar’s 2005 track “Perfect,” “Counting” gained global notoriety and helped put UKG back into the global spotlight due to its unique and refreshing take on dubstep.

Now Hamdi has compiled an EP of his fellow UK producers and friends who have all put their own spin on “Counting.” Consisting of four remixes total, each remix gives a fresh perspective of the classic hit, all while highlighting their own unique sounds as artists.

P Money, who has already released a vocal dub of “Skanka” (another Hamdi hit), has once again released a vocal dub remix of “Counting.” Bringing MCing back into the spotlight, this rework contains a catchy spoken/rap vocal that adds to Princess Superstar’s sample for a hype vocal track.

Simula’s remix on the EP gives “Counting” an ultimate UKG feel with a little Drum and Bass sprinkled in. This remix is high energy with a higher bpm than the original track, opposite to Taiki Nulight’s remix which features a slower bpm and a baseline filled with more wubb.

Sammy Virji’s remix also stands out with an old-school take on the track, bringing us back to the 90s UKG raves.

Stream the “Counting” Remix EP below and grab tickets to Hamdi’s North American Showcase Tour, beginning this March, here.

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