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Desert Hearts Festival Makes Moves In 2023

Desert Hearts Festival, renowned for its celebration of love, music, and unity, took an exciting turn in its latest edition. Departing from its traditional format of camping and nonstop music, the festival made its debut at The Torch in the iconic LA Coliseum.

Originally, the festival was set to take place at Lake Perris in Southern California as it did in 2022. However, due to “recent changes in venue requirements,” and “inflation on production costs,” forced the independent promoter to morph the festival into a two-day, two-stage, day-into-night event.

This move was driven by the organizers’ commitment to affordability while still providing an extraordinary experience for attendees. Let’s delve into the unforgettable moments and highlights of this immersive event:

A Shift in Venue: From Lake Perris to The Torch

For the first time in its history, Desert Hearts Festival left a dusty campground and ventured into the heart of Los Angeles. Because of this, there was no camping this year, but attendees still had the option to attend Desert Hearts official after-parties if they purchased after-party tickets.

The decision to relocate to The Torch at LA Coliseum was rooted in the festival team’s dedication to maintaining affordability for the community. By making this sacrifice, they ensured that the magic of Desert Hearts remained accessible to all.

Captivating Art Installations: A Feast for the Senses

The new venue at The Torch brought forth a mesmerizing display of art installations that further enhanced the festival’s vibrant ambiance.

Among the numerous captivating artworks, a favorite among attendees was a sculpture of a human disco ball. This imaginative creation reflected the festival’s essence: a fusion of music, art, and human connection, casting shimmering lights and radiating positive energy throughout the event.

Musical Bliss: House Energy with Splashes of Techno

The heart and soul of Desert Hearts Festival lie in its music, and this year was no exception. With a lineup designed to captivate the audience, the festival offered an exhilarating mix of house music and occasional techno elements.

Notably, Lee Foss delivered a standout performance, captivating the crowd with his infectious beats and soulful tunes.

Friendly Vibes and Unity: A Welcoming Crowd

One of the hallmarks of Desert Hearts Festival is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere cultivated by attendees. Despite the change in venue, the spirit of the community remained strong, as like-minded individuals came together to celebrate their shared passion for music.

Strangers transformed into friends, with smiles, hugs, and laughter reverberating throughout the festival grounds, creating an environment where everyone felt embraced and included. 

Dual Stages: Desert Hearts and City Hearts

The festival boasted two stages, each offering a unique musical journey. The Desert Hearts stage, the festival’s core platform, showcased a fusion of soulful house beats, infectious grooves, and uplifting melodies.

Meanwhile, the City Hearts stage served as a delightful exploration of diverse sounds, bringing together local talent and surprise guest performances. Both stages boasted exceptional sound quality, ensuring an immersive sonic experience for all attendees.

Conclusion: A Transformative Experience Worth Every Beat

The Desert Hearts Festival’s transition to The Torch at LA Coliseum marked a significant chapter in its history.

Through a change in venue, the festival managed to uphold its mission of creating an inclusive and affordable gathering, while still delivering a sensational experience for its attendees.

From captivating art installations to memorable musical performances, Desert Hearts Festival once again proved its ability to ignite hearts and unite souls.

As the last echoes of house and techno faded into the night, the spirit of Desert Hearts lingered, leaving behind a trail of cherished memories.

Until the next edition, let us carry the essence of Desert Hearts—house, techno, love—with us, spreading its magic and creating a brighter and more harmonious world.

All photos provided by Desert Hearts on Facebook.

Written by
Bianca Macias

A battle with epilepsy could not stop me from finding the rave community or pursuing my passion to write. I was a journalism major at my college writing about sports when my condition took me out of my classes and stuck me in my home to focus on bills and get healthy. Once I got my seizures under control through medication I decided to face my fear of crowds and lasers in order to finally experience house music in festival fashion at Day Trip 2021. I quickly learned that I could continue to rave and manage my condition simultaneously. Then a raver was born! I love house and techno the most, which ironically are the genres that even brought my parents together. The dance music culture and community has connected me with the opportunity to write about my passion, the best of friends, a lover, and good and bad experiences that continue to grow me as a person. I'm based in Southern California let's catch a set!

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